I love to live, in all ways. To live is to grow, and we were meant to grow. I love little beautiful details, and things that make one think further into themselves. I love the challenge life presents us, and learning how to succeed. Through artful expressions, I can fully embrace life the way we weren’t meant to embrace it.


To take a picture of a moment and hold it in time for ever, is the real magic of photography. You can stop time in those moments, and let them live on for forever. Forever speaking to you, over and over. always telling you a story, holding a memory. Preserving that moment in time.


And what would life be if we could not write or talk about it? Or write about our dreams, our desires, our inner demons, the struggles. As humans we all experience life, we can all relate to one another in one form or another. The courage to talk about our lives with one another, or create whatever we want with our words is quite a great thing.

On this page, I will share the things that make my heart sing, and the things that make my soul ache. The beautiful and the ugly in this life, all mixed in with beautiful photos that I’ve taken over the years. Sometimes looking at a photo will provoke just a thought, symbolizing emotions, summing up words not said. In truth, I just love to write, I love to live, and art is a wonderful way to express the emotions of the mind and heart.

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